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Hey! Welcome to my website! I'm Zrox-Games, a young indie game developer since 2017! I make games,3D models,I like to draw, animate and make stories for my games! My current biggest project is here :


You play as a guy called Marcus , he decided to work with a company called Yura's Corp. In the goal of getting away from a terrible fate, he decides to go somewhere hidden and far away from his home. His work is simple, he is asked to code new functionalities for a new Prototype robot known as Prototype Yura. As the story goes things will get worse, and the tasks asked will become more and more complicated to accomplish due to the robot having malfunctions. Each nights will get longer and harder, and the challenges are going to be bigger and bigger. You have 7 days to finish the tests and tasks asked. Things will unfortunately not go as expected.

Other games :

A Special Day

Coming soon!

Truth and Light

Massive exploration and puzzle solving based game full of original and unique characters and locations to explore!
Play as Yura trying to stop Gods from hell
who's goal is to destroy Earth! [Work in progress]

Monthly Teaser

ARIAS survival

This is a survival game i'm working
on! Underwater exploration!

Monthly Teasers

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Monthly Teaser

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